Ukraine Update March 13, 2022

Mar 13, 2022

Alleviating the tragic plight of the Ukrainian Jewish refugees remains our top priority at Israel Magen Fund, as we continue to partner with Tzvi Sperber from JRoots, who has been working on the ground in Krakow for more than a week.

Our round-the-clock operations is really making a difference – thanks to the continuing support of IMF donors.

With the first $10,000 IMF donation, Tzvi purchased medication and humanitarian aid, as specially requested, and delivered it directly into the hands of a Lviv community representative at the Polish/Ukrainian border. The aid was distributed to families arriving at the Beis Aharon v’Yisrael synagogue, which has become a nerve center for locals and refugees fleeing the fighting.

As Esther Bald, the daughter of the local Rabbi, wrote me in a WhatsApp message: “It’s more than appreciated… you are really saving people, it’s unbelievable, thank you so so much!”

This gratitude was echoed in videos we received from Ukrainian Jews in Lviv: “You fed, us warmed us up, we rested here and were able to get away and calm down after all that we have been through!”

Thanks to a second $10,000 IMF donation we transferred a few days ago, Tzvi has purchased more generators, blankets, mattresses, floodlights, power banks, large fuel and water jerrycans, tents, dry food and more – all according to specific requests from our contacts in Lviv and Kyiv. He even sourced these in Berlin – as supplies had dried up in Poland.

The goods have been transferred into the hands of the community representatives, despite the many logistical difficulties.

But that is not all!

Being on the ground means that you can identify problems and solve them immediately.

The adults – mainly mothers – must take their children with them as they arrange the next stage of their journey. With IMF support, Tzvi has arranged for a child-care program to begin early this week. This will provide much-needed stimulation for the refugee children and much-appreciated “free time” for the adults.

At IMF, working with our partners on the ground, we make sure that the right aid is transferred at the right time directly to those in need.

This is our mission and we thank you for partnering with us.