Soldier BBQ and Other Activites

Nov 9, 2023

Our soldiers are still in the field – this war will continue for some time.

Israel Magen Fund will continue to deliver, directly to the field, whatever they need.

And that means we need your support to continue

Just this week, we purchased, packed and delivered essential items – for their physical comfort and spiritual nourishment.

  • 270 kits of thermal socks, underwear and dry fit shirts
  • 1500 kiddush sets

And, on a lighter note, we arranged a BBQ for 350 soldiers – after all, battle rations are not the tastiest! And these soldiers deserve a treat.

We are also helping on the home front.

Last night, we arranged a fun and therapeutic activity for dozens of evacuee children from the South, scarred from the trauma of the past month.

They enjoyed a ceramic painting workshop, in cooperation with the Beit Shemesh-based Kerimikli Studio, painting ceramic items which they took home.

A beautiful evening of creativity, laughter and unity for children who have experienced scenes that no child should have to witness.

Next week is week five of the war. IMF will be there, in the field, helping where needed.

Please donate today – so that we can continue our activities!