Israel Magen Fund presents a firefighting ATV
December 20, 2021
Yehuda VeShomron – Binyamin Region

Israel Magen Fund presents a firefighting ATV, the first of its kind in the region, to the Binyamin Security Division

In mid-December, Israel Magen Fund (IMF) co-founders David Rose and Mati Goldstein presented a fully equipped firefighting ATV to the volunteers in the Binyamin Security Division. The ATV, one of four to be donated by the Israel Magen Fund, is the first vehicle of its type to be made available in the region, which lies in the biblical heartland of Israel.

Binyamin Regional Council head Israel Ganz thanked the Israel Magen Fund for the donation of “this state-of-the-art ATV, equipped with special firefighting and rescue tools, that can negotiate the hilly terrain and valleys in our region in times of emergency.”

Binyamin Security Division volunteer Yaacov Dolev, who participated in a firefighting demonstration at the ceremony, noted that “thanks to the Israel Magen Fund, our security capabilities have gone up a notch. Now, what was once out of reach is no longer, and what was once complex and challenging is now possible.”

IMF co-founder David Rose: “It is heartwarming to see the excitement among the volunteers, the men on the ground, who realize that their efforts to fight fires and save lives in the region will be that much more effective with this ATV. Israel Magen Fund will continue to partner with the Binyamin Security Division and we will work hard to raise funds to buy another three ATVs for the region.”

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