About Israel Magen Fund
May 26, 2022
About Israel Magen Fund
Israel Magen Fund, founded by veteran resource development and crisis management personnel, prides itself on full transparency and communication with its donors and a swift and timely response to funding medical and military projects in Israel.

With their combined experience of 20 years with medical and military projects, Israel Magen Fund co-founders David Rose and Mati Goldstein, working in close consultation with US-based philanthropist Edward Mermelstein, identified genuine concern among donors relating to how funds reach their target destination. Typical issues included, among others:
• “Does the organization really need these items/services”?
• “Have they been delivered to the people that really need them?”
• “Did they receive the items/services in promptly?”
• “Is the donation being managed on an on-going basis?”
• “Is there any follow-up report on how the monies were used?”

The Israel Magen Fund was founded to answer these concerns, bringing together the experience and expertise in a three-way partnership between donors, resource development and in-the-field operations. The fund, which is not allied to any single organization, operates with full transparency to both donor and recipient.

The Israel Magen Fund
• Selects, vets and approves the medical and/or military projects that require funding
• Purchases the selected products/services directly,
• Supplies them directly to the organization in need
• Monitors and manages their ongoing use
• Updates donors on a regular basis.

This new and transparent way of working translates into the best use and management of donor dollars, with recipient projects selected based on a real need that can be swiftly and efficiently answered.

Current projects include, among others:

• Providing life-saving defibrillators and firefighting Ranger UTVs for emergency security personnel in the Binyamin region
• Providing emergency medical equipment to the volunteer first responders of the Beit Shemesh Hatzalah Team (Tzevet Hatzalah)
• Providing food, supplies and shelter for Jewish refugees and young orphans from Ukraine
• Providing weekly food baskets to needy families and individuals in Sderot and its environs through the Sderot Hessed Center

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