A one year old child’s life was just saved
January 31, 2022
Tzevet Hatzalah
When Israel Magen Fund donated EpiPens to the volunteer paramedics of Beit Shemesh Hatzalah Team (Tzevet Hatzalah), we had no idea just how timely our donation would be.

Just days later, the paramedics were called out to a one-year-old, suffering a severe allergic reaction to a dairy product. “When we arrived, the baby was barely alive,” recalled Beit Shemesh Hatzalah Team paramedic Elyakim Shisha. “Without a doubt, we were able to save his life thanks to the EpiPens we had just received from Israel Magen Fund.”

For someone suffering a severe allergic reaction, the difference between life and death can be just a few minutes. That’s why it is literally vital to ensure that emergency responders are equipped with EpiPens. An EpiPen is a one-time-use injection that allows the patient to breathe, while awaiting transfer to hospital.

We have already saved a precious young life!

On behalf of Beit Shemesh Hatzalah Fund and the family of that precious baby, we thank Israel Magen Fund donors for their generosity, and we salute their role in saving his life.

Please partner with Israel Magen Fund to ensure that every Beit Shemesh Hatzalah Team volunteer has at least one EpiPen in his bag, ready and equipped to save lives.

Beit Shemesh, 30 miles west of Jerusalem, has the highest growth rate among Israel’s 15 largest cities, with over 130,000 residents. The Beit Shemesh Hatzalah Team volunteer paramedics are on call 24/7, providing a fast, local response to life-threatening medical emergencies.

Help Israel Magen Fund help the people of Beit Shemesh.

One life at a time.

Please donate now to the EpiPen campaign and save lives!






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