Provide food, supplies and shelter for lost jewish refugees that fled ukraine



Specially requested medication and humanitarian aid, such as generators, blankets, mattresses, floodlights, power banks, large fuel and water jerrycans, tents, dry food and more were distributed to families arriving at the Beis Aharon v’Yisrael synagogue in Lviv.

IMF partnered with JROOTS to help the Jewish refugees as they fled the war. We were able to get help directly to the refugees in Kyiv, Lviv, on the Ukraine- Poland border and in Warsaw. We established a supply line, handing over humanitarian aid directly to the Lviv Jewish community representative who would meet us at the border.

After a long tortuous journey, managing to flee just hours after the war broke out and reach Israel safely, IMF launched an urgent Pesach campaign to ensure that these very special Ukrainian olim experience a meaningful kosher Pesach.
We provided enough matza, meat, chicken and wine for about two hundred women, children and orphanage staff for seven days! We delivered over 180 kilos of matza.

“you are really saving people,

it’s unbelievable,
thank you so so much!”

IMF was also able to respond swiftly to changing events on the ground, funding a child-care program. This program gave the mothers time to plan the next stage of their journey, while the refugee children enjoyed much needed respite from their terrifying reality.