hundreds of children fled the orphanage in ukraine. we provide basic necessities and care for them as they integrate into israeli society.



For The children from the Zhytomyr orphanage in Ukraine, Seder night was particularly significant. They managed to flee the war just hours after it broke out and reach safety. Israel Magen Fund hosted a beautiful seder and many meals ensuring that these very special children had enough matza, meat, chicken and wine for seven days.

israel magen fund ensures that these children feel loved and cared for. we provide them with basics such as clothing and shoes and also distribute toys and games to make them happy.

IMF presents the children with new school bags, supplies and books they need to succeed and help them integrate into israeli society. There are still orphaned children that still did not receive their supplies, please join in our urgent project!

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It was truly heartwarming to see their delight and excitement as they begin this new chapter of their journey, equipped with all the supplies they need for school.

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