The Binyamin Security Division is on call 365 days a year fighting local terror attacks and ensuring that the region is prepared for war.



Recently, there has been an increase in terror-related arson attacks, which threaten residents’ lives and homes. The Binyamin Security Division has limited fire-fighting resources to deal with the fires in the critical time before the arrival of the Fire Service (typical response time 20 – 30 minutes).

Drones: to scour the site of suspected infiltration. Communications systems: farms in the region can ensure real-time reporting for faster response time. Towable water tanks: offer an immediate response to a field fire. Specialist night torches and fire-extinguishing kits: for an immediate response by the security coordinators. Extraction kit: to assist in the evacuation

The Binyamin Security Division volunteers must replenish the one-time medical supplies that they use on a regular basis, as well as purchase defibrillators to save lives for residents in need of immediate, life-saving CPR. IMF was proud to donate the defibrillators they so desperately needed.

our urgent need:

specially-equipped fire-fighting Ranger ATVs to shorten the response time and save lives.

Ranger ATV’s fully-equipped with high pressure water hoses and other fire-fighting material offer an immediate and professional response to arson attacks in open areas in the Binyamin region, regardless of the terrain and access.
Cost per Ranger: NIS 150,000