Empower Our Soldiers: Your Support, Their Strength, Our Impact.

Our mission:
To provide kits for every soldier entering the army as part of their Yeshiva Hesder program.

These kits offer essential items that are not provided by the army but are crucial for the soldiers’ daily needs and overall well-being.

While the army supplies a basic list and coupon vouchers, our kits go beyond by including key items that provide an extra layer of security and protection throughout their service period. Your generosity is the driving force behind making a meaningful difference in the lives of these soldiers.

Stand with us, hand in hand, as we empower the unsung heroes, our soldiers, and support their service with the strength they deserve.

Each kit costs $180 and will include:

*1 multi-tool with belt case (similar to Leatherman)

*1 hands-free helmet-mountable flashlight

*1 mesh bag suitable for showers and field use

*1 durable pocket weekly siddur

*1 set thermal underwear 

1 pair dry fit green army tzitzis to size