Israel’s heroes need your help.

save and protect millions of lives throughout Israel.

How to donate in Israel:
Israel Balev Amuta # 580724318
Bank Name: Bank Leumi
Bank Address: 2 Sderot Ayalon Beit Shemesh
Account Name: Israel Balev, Nachal Mata 14/5 Beit Shemesh Israel
Branch #: 916 Account No.: 39190027

At the Israel Magen Fund, we do things a little bit differently.

You deserve to know what’s happening with your donation. We will update you throughout the donation process, from when the equipment gets delivered to the organization to how they are using it. When you make a contribution, you should know the impact it makes. 

When you donate to the Israel Magen Fund you support:

The Binyamin first response team can purchase equipment to fight terrorists and save lives
Tzevet Hatzalah can provide faster response time to life threatening emergencies
Young orphaned refugees fleeing from war are provided with humanitarian aid