A Shabbat Gesture of Warmth

Jan 30, 2024

In a world currently defined by many challenges, small gestures can create significant impacts. In the heart of a war that has so far lasted 115 days with no clear end in sight, our dedicated soldiers on the front lines have faced challenges that words can hardly capture.  Each new day brings new uncertainties and sacrifices on the front lines, and the pressing need for a gesture of support, encouragement, and warmth became increasingly evident. 

This past week, we had the privilege of bringing a taste of home and comfort to our resilient Chayalim in Gaza. This heartfelt initiative was made possible by the generosity of Nessah Synagogue Beverly Hills, which enabled us to deliver a steaming pot of Cholent right before Shabbat to the soldiers stationed in Khan Yunis. 

These acts of kindness may seem small in the grand scheme of war, but their impact is immeasurable. Our hot Cholent brought moments of respite and familiarity to our brave soldiers, offering a brief pause from the challenges they’ve faced for over 100 days. It’s a reminder that, even in the harshest conditions, there are communities rallying behind them. 

For our soldiers who have spent too many Shabbats away from home, this small gesture was not just about a hot Cholent for Shabbat; it was about the warmth of community support and a connection to the traditions that define their identity. In the quiet moments before another cold Shabbat in Gaza, the soldiers felt the embrace of home, creating a small sense of normalcy in the midst of uncertainty.

As we all learn to navigate through the ongoing challenges of the war, our commitment to the well-being of our Chayalim remains unwavering. Every small gesture is an embodiment of collective support from communities across the world, reminding our soldiers that they are not alone. As we strive to make a difference, our mission is clear—to provide a sense of home, warmth, and comfort to our dedicated soldiers who courageously spend weeks after weeks away from home. Together, we can ensure that, even in the midst of war, the spirit of unity prevails, and our soldiers feel the warmth of home during another cold Shabbat in Khan Yunis.