A not so small act of kindness 

Mar 7, 2024

As we take on the challenges of war head on, our soldiers are always on our mind. While we spend Shabbat with our families they spend Shabbat outside defending our borders rain or shine keepings us safe. 

In the eleventh hour before Shabbat our drivers drove to the Gaza Envelope to drop off hot water urns so our soldiers can have a taste of home over shabbat. Thanks to your generous donations we were able to provide the soldiers with a bit of warmth going into a cold wintery Shabbat.

Hot water for our soldiers on these cold winter Friday nights not only offers a bit of warmth but it also offers our Chayalim the knowledge that we on the homefront have not forgotten them. A hot water urn to us seems so minuscule but to our soldiers it’s a reminder of what and who they are fighting for. 

As the winter months come to a close and the war continues into the spring months, our soldiers will take with them these acts of kindness we were able to provide them with the help of your generous donations.